Syawal 2013

Ramadhan datang Ramadhan pergi.Syawal kian menjelang.Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

To all my readers,thank u for patronising and reading my humble blog.Nothing fantastic.Just rants and whine and my thoughts.No offence to anyone but its just how i express my feelings and pen it down for my future reference.So that my kids would get to read it one fine day and understand why we are what we are now.

Alhamdulillah Syukur.I am coping.Though its hard this year.I can never go out with the in laws again.If truth be told,i am sad.Just too sad.I love them and their happy self.They are happy people and fun to be with,be it the young ones or old ones.I am just gonna miss them and their antics.Sad sad sad.Yes,i may not have that happy mood this Raya but for my children,i’d put up a brave front and put that smile on my face.So if u havent heard,he remarried and i wouldnt want to see him and his blah.NEVER!I can never forgive what had happen till my last breath.Yes,i am full with hatred when it comes to this.How can anyone take it if they were in my shoe!

Anyway,i dont want to talk about it again.

Guess what?i find that the tailor did a major mistake on my baju.Sigh.I wanted a boatneck so much for my design but she did a scallop boatneck.WTH.So what to do.Whats done cannot be undone.Just wear and then chuck one side forever!


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